Come for an Interview Visit and Miss Everything worth Seeing

Want a sure fire way to assure your hospital will take 4-6 months to fill your most important physician openings, close less than 50% of visiting candidates, waste half of your onsite visits, miss out on the better candidates, and have a poor retention rate? Keep ignoring the Internet in your recruiting, and wait for the onsite interview visit when you give (unprepared) candidate prospects your primary recruiting pitch, where they will merely drive past the important things at your hospital and in your service area – essentially missing almost everything, including your unique story.

The onsite visit separates spouses. Due to time, money, and logistical limitations, the candidate will interview with a handful of their principal peers, and possibly no staff members. The spouse tours the real estate market and the community. Still today, real estate agents are principal “salesmen” for the area – they speak in “cliché bombs” (“Our community is a great place to raise a family,” etc. etc.) which sound the same as the other communities and don’t serve to distinguish you from the 7-8 other places jobseeker prospects are considering. Generally, there is merely a “drive by” schools, downtown, and businesses and stores and event centers, with no time to go into them to talk to residents or community leaders, to learn “the real story” from local residents and what makes your unique thumbprint. They never step foot in a local museum or speak to a true historian of the area. There is almost never a serious discussion with the director of the economic board for the county. There is almost no contact with anyone in the community except an old board member – at best there is a “dinner” with pleasantries exchanged but no “real talk” among people going through the motions. The onsite visit does not include extended family members, children, parents and colleagues – all people who influence the decision but they remain “blind” to the employer and the area.

The onsite interview visit can also be problematic – bad weather, key people can miss appointments, and there can be mixed messages delivered by those people whom the prospect meets.

  • For physician jobseekers considering million dollar careers who will drive multi millions to their hospitals and other physicians, and nurse candidates for that matter, they really don’t visit the hospital entirely on an interview visit – there is often no time to take a thorough tour of the hospital campus to see the ancillary facilities and programs that contribute to the hospital’s current and long-term focus. And they simply do not have time to learn the story of the service area they are considering – they fail to learn the area’s history and don’t get a good view of its future. On the site visit, they miss almost everything and will forget 50% of what they experienced in 2 days.

And with all these logistical issues and costs and onsite visits which really don’t work, less than 5% of jobseekers who are exposed to your job postings will actually make this costly, wasteful trip. What about the other 95%? Also, how many candidates are you missing?

If you were a jobseeker, how would you feel about a 2 day interview in the pouring rain, where you don’t see the entire hospital, two of the four principals you where scheduled to meet were 30 minutes late for one hour interviews, you meet few employees, meet no future neighbors, learn nothing of the town’s history or economy in order to understand where it is heading, and you were given the primary sales pitch on the community by a realtor?


If you truly want to recruit the best professionals and maximize your time and budget you must master the Internet because that’s where your targets have moved.

  • In an environment where there is no professional selling, time limits, and costs which promote shortcuts, where candidates are looking at multiple options and they are given an expensive superficial site visit and largely left up to their own resources to “sell themselves,” it’s no wonder the results of recruiting seem arbitrary.

Online Job Tour has evolved into a compelling tool that is better and more comprehensive than the real onsite visit in multiple beneficial and important ways. It is mistake-free, it is on 24/7, it offsets the limitations of recruiters with no professional sales experience, negates any lack of Internet acumen, maximizes the employer’s interest in maximizing the sale, all the jobseeker’s family and friends can experience it, and perhaps best of all, it saves time for everyone, leading to faster decisions. Jobseekers become truly interested, “pre-sold” candidates who come to Interview with complete knowledge and comfort on the trip, when they leave they refer to Online Job Tour many times, and this leads to the position getting filled faster.

Our clients are experiencing 75-80% closing records among visiting candidates who are pre-qualified using their Online Job Tour. While we have been test marketing for 4 years, retention among our clients who have placed candidates following our protocol and use of Online Job Tour is double the traditional community hospitals.

  • The key to these phenomenal differences is in fully educating and pre-qualifying jobseekers before any substantive time is spent dealing with them – this cannot be effectively done without Online Job Tour.

Take time to review our website to learn more and read our client testimonials.

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