Online Job Tour compels a Harvard MD

A Harvard physician fellow contacts client asking for a job without visiting and prior to speaking with anyone associated with the hospital – unheard of before my Online Job Tour Invention, which will change the $10 Billion Classified Employment Advertising Marketplace.

When I invented Online Job Tour in 2002 (this was when less than 50 million people in the world had a high-speed Internet connection – before Facebook, YouTube, before phones had cameras) I remember telling friends that the Web would take over how we do a great deal of our essential living – including career search. Aghast listeners heard that “one day, how employers appear online will be more important than how they are in person to jobseekers.”

My invention “brought the onsite visit experience to the jobseeker” – and the proposition of hospitals (our test market has been in healthcare) flying in every single person who came across their classified ads could not compete with a “virtual presentation.” Moreover, Online Job Tour would maximize the most marketable features of the client and their community – and unlike any other recruiting product, would never get old or need to be remade because it is web-based.

Our clients are beginning to regularly get inquiries from the highest caliber jobseekers – particularly recent graduates who “grew up Online” who are willing to accept their career openings without a real visit and before speaking to anyone – this is symbolic of this “new time” but also of the success of Online Job Tour. Here is a typical letter our clients receive via their Online Job Tours.


Comments: Jason Scott Director of Physician Development Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital 305 Langdon Street Somerset, KY 42503

Dear Mr. Scott: My name is Dr. xxxxxxxxx and I am interested in the [Specialist Position] opportunity at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital. I commend you and all those involved for your extremely informative and comprehensive website which provided the online job tour.

My wife and I are particularly excited about the possibility of returning to a smaller, more cohesive area in the Midwest, as is Somerset. We have fond memories of the Midwest, having previously lived in both Indiana and Missouri.

What draws us to Somerset and your facility is the readily apparent collegial atmosphere, the stability of the hospital, the devotion to providing outstanding clinical care including recent expansion projects and new state-of-the art equipment, and the safe, tranquil surroundings with outstanding schools. While we do not yet have children, it is certainly in our plans, and education of children is of paramount importance to us. The low cost of living and low taxes, of course, provide an additional draw.

I am now in my fourth and final year of radiology residency in San Antonio, Texas, and then will continue training at a fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Last year, I served as Chief Resident of my program, which has 40 residents. I will complete fellowship training on June 30, 2011 and am eligible to begin full-time employment in July 2011. I am happy to take my fair share of call including nights and weekends.Thus, the opportunity with Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital is very appealing.

While I realize that this is almost 1.5 years away, I am genuinely interested in the opportunity with Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital and wanted to introduce myself to you sooner than later since I believe I may be a fit. I look forward to speaking with you further about the opportunity with Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital and would be delighted to speak with you at your convenience.

I have attached my CV for your review. We find nothing missing from your presentation other than more specifics about the radiology position and would be interested in seeing Somerset in person if it was mutually beneficial. Your website is extremely comprehensive. I thank you in advance for the opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, xxxxxxxxx M.D.
Attached File: CV.pdf

Lake Cumberland Regional’s Online Job Tour is

To contact me directly, email me at I am also on Facebook. Learn more about my work at


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