The Streaming video of the future that your recruiting doesn’t have

Today jobseekers are more likely than ever to view your recruiting content via a wireless connection (Wi-Fi or cell-phone, currently 3G or 4G) and on a tablet computer or smart phone – not just desktop or a laptop computer with a wireless card or using a Wi-Fi connection at a Starbucks.

Will your recruiting video play, if at all, on the latest wireless devices?

With the advance of wireless services, mobile devices, and how video has penetrated into the Internet world as well as the career search lexicon, the term “streaming video” doesn’t mean the recruitment video on an employer’s website anymore – the definition encompasses the need for employers to make sure their videos can be viewed on the many devices that exist today. The questions are not just if your recruitment video was built on the Adobe Flash format and cannot be viewed on the IPad. It also goes beyond the concern if your prospect has a good video player on their computer.

Tablets and phones don’t have built-in video players like desktops and laptops.

Therefore, your organization needs to have an embedded video player on its website. Your concern, among the others listed above, is now if the wireless signal strength is strong enough so your recruiting video doesn’t keep getting stuck – or your prospect will move on to your competitors.

Today “streaming video” relates to how video is “fed” to your viewing device in a manner that makes it effectively viewable, particularly on mobile devices, which is what everyone is buying.  While we do it here at our studio, there are companies emerging called “streaming video hosts” which customers store their video there, and the host provides a video player which actually detects the signal strength of the device – and based on the strength the video is fed out, or “streamed” in “bits” based on that speed in order to limit buffering:  if you want your recruiting video, or videos, to play efficiently and elegantly, your organization must go in this direction.

Here at Promo Web Innovations, Inc., video is a significant part of each Online Job Tour we produce – there can be as many as 40 individual videos and more than 2 hours of video content in one Online Job Tour.  We recently designed the first ever self-contained video player on our own streaming video server that plays our client videos on BOTH the IPad and IPhone as well as on PCs and android phones and tablets – regardless of the smart phone, tablet, or laptop, Wi-Fi, and even with a relatively poor wireless or cell signal, the videos play with little or no buffering.

  • Regardless of the quality of the video on your recruiting content, you will be dead in the water if your prospect is trying to watch it on his IPhone or IPad with a modest wireless signal; and guess what, more and more of your prospects are.

And it’s tough to stay ahead.  In a market as competitive as recruiting with technology changing, a hospital can’t sit still.  That’s why we designed the world’s best recruiting product but also a support staff that is dedicated and always thinking a step ahead – you get the best recruits and save a lot of money that way.

Contact me or my staff at Promo Web Innovations if you would like to know more at


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