Online Job Tour® Version 2.0 release. Case Study of Keller Health project

Online Job Tour's Version 2.0 Home page for Keller Health System

Online Job Tour® Version 2.0 Release – for Keller Health System, Sheffield, AL

Contents of this blog entry: This Online Job Tour’s size and scope, the newest technologies in it, a link to it, and the case study which reviews the unique challenges of this project posed to Carl Brickman and his staff.

Project Scope: The production has 187 web pages that include 50 HD videos with 241 minutes (4 hours) of total video time, 2,600 original photos taken for this production (of which 1,226 photos are in 44 galleries) and 65 brochures converted to PDF files.  Our staff of six logged 523 production hours added to my choreographed eight day production onsite schedule when I met and interviewed hospital personnel and more than 80 local professionals for photos/videos and interviews.  Back at our production studio I wrote the script, selected and cropped images for placement on the storyboard, directed staff video editing, and two USF students assisted me with research through the production. 

Online Job Tour® URL:

To Be Developed in 2012 for this client:  Our Mobile Online Job Tour, a YouTube® page to host selected videos from this Online Job Tour in order to attract more candidates as well as increase brand awareness in the recruiting market, a QR code for the client’s recruiting materials.

New Technology addresses today’s “wireless” consumer/jobseeker culture:  90% of homes with cable are now Wi-Fi, as are more and more workplaces and academic settings.  Although 30% of cell phones sold (480 million of 1.6B) are smart phones, a far greater percentage of our client target prospects of use them (my empirical observation leads me to guess the number is at least 65-75% of those potential candidates who look at this Online Job Tour will own a smart phone).  Thus, today’s jobseekers crossover into and back from the Internet throughout the day and we produced V 2.0 to be fully functional to not just reach but ensure our clients remain connected with them 24/7.

Online Job Tour Industry firsts and only:

·         Version 2.0 is produced with our proprietary technology that allows for its HD videos to play with optimal functionality with limited buffering on all computers/laptops/tablets as well as on the latest smart phones, even with a less-than-good signal – including 3G and 4G cell signals.  There is a 100% probability that along with the limitations of “recruiting videos” made by hospitals that they either will not play at all due to incompatibility with a smart phone or they will continually buffer and lead to frustration with the user (almost certainly if HD). 

·         V 2.0 is fully functional across all major browser platforms including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, also with no Adobe Flash/iPhone/iPad conflicts.  There is a great likelihood that hospital recruiting content or websites they refer to jobseekers are made for IE only and were not tested on other browsers, leading to a poor viewing experience/abandonment by users with limited time and patience.  Mobile devices generally don’t use IE.

·         All video is now produced in HD.  HD video files are extremely large and pose numerous issues for employers, who seek awkward solutions to host these videos, such as placing them on YouTube – not only does this expose prospecive candidates and their families to potentially unflattering open source Internet video content but YouTube requires relinquishing all copyright protection of video placed on it.

·         Version 2.0 is also built on our customized CMS platform to assure future clients of the same style and functionality.  

·         V2.0 also has a new design with a more functional Home page which has images in its lower portion which represent four featured videos in the work. 

·         V 2.0 maintains its design integrity regarding its US patent and remains exclusively the invention of Promo Web Innovations, Inc., and for the use by our clients – copying it in part or in concept is expressly forbidden.

Case Study/This client’s challenges:  Like most of the regional hospital systems we have featured through our test market, Keller Health System, named after Helen Keller who was born in the immediate area, is in a unique location in NW Alabama, called “The Shoals,” that most jobseekers may be able to locate on a map but have never personally visited – which often promotes harmful misconceptions which can include negatives regarding rural areas lacking modern hospital and lifestyle features.

This project was an interesting challenge because it requires covering “The Shoals” area, which is comprised of four main cities, Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield (Keller Health’s address), and Florence, Alabama.  While presenting each community individually there was also a focus on showing area amenities and features as part of the area and not identified to any city.  Furthermore, while many hospitals make the mistake of being too provincial in marketing their areas to prospective candidates, we also made a trip to Huntsville to include its lifestyle features – particularly regarding shopping and entertainment. 

The immediate area has a music culture so compelling that I decided to produce a section based on it called The Singing River.  I was fortunate to meet and video a Native American whose distant relative is a literal part of the lore there, where many locals believe this region’s segment of the Tennessee River has a “spirit” which continues to influence music in the area. A hospital board member introduced me to a Grammy-winning songwriter and resident of the area – Gary Baker invited me to his studio where we did an interview and he helped to “tie together” the unique “lineage” of the music in an area all the way back to Mr. Hendrix’s relative.  This feature is symbolic of our work which in part is made to promote an emotional “connection” to jobseekers. This is a TVA community with a compelling history which was important to share – our experience is jobseekers want to understand the history as well as the story of the area they are considering.

50 videos – all recorded in HD for the first time with our organization, have creative editing by my staff which was instructed not to make the videos too “commercial” but instead to keep the “less formal feel” to give each jobseeker using the Online Job Tour the sense he is being taken on a personalized tour – just like if they were on an interview trip.

Keller Health System has a management affiliation with major regional power Huntsville Hospital, who hired client Doug Arnold, CEO – Doug is a previous test client whom we featured in a somewhat similar regional hospital set up in Mississippi who achieved marked improvement with our product (Online Job Tour raised his closing percentage of visiting physician candidates from 8 to 70% in his first year).  This region has a $120 million commitment from Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) to develop the area as a tourism destination with the construction of the Robert Trent Jones – The Shoals courses and an award-winning, regionally-styled Marriott Spa and Resort (also featured). Fortune 500 Navistar opened a major facility here in January 2012 with plans to provide 2,000 jobs by 2015. 

This will be the “anchor recruiting product” for Keller Health System’s strategy to be a regional center of excellence for an extended service area of 300,000.

What is Online Job Tour®? US patented in 2011 after seven years of test-marketing with community hospitals in 14 states, we believe Online Job Tour is the vanguard for the future of recruiting. With today’s jobseeker culture accessing the Internet with a wide variety of computer devices, Online Job Tour incorporates the latest technologies to provide a revolutionary “virtual immersion experience” on a one site source that is far more comprehensive than the limited real interview trip.  A hospital can offer it to 100% of its jobseekers vs. the relatively very few candidates that actually interview onsite, who arrive unprepared for the expensive, limited, extended weekend trip that cannot avoid a myriad of logistical, cost, personnel and time challenges.  Covering the subjects relocating jobseekers traditionally must know far more comprehensively than multiple trips while putting the client’s “best foot forward,” Online Job Tour has been proven to provide considerable time, financial, and competitive benefits.  Physician jobseekers overwhelmingly prefer to traditional recruiting by 89% or better on every survey question.*

Contact: Carl Brickman
Founder & Creative Director
Promo Web® Innovations, Inc
Tampa, FL

*Online Job Tour received its US Patent in 2011 and is for use by our clients only.  Copying it in part or in concept is expressly forbidden.  Surveys and patent information are available at our company website.


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