After a Long Illness, the Recruiting Video has died.

Born in the 1990s, the Recruiting Video has died after a long illness.  Also passed on were numerous opportunities to fully educate candidates before they arrived for their interviews, as well as to reach and compete for prospects on job advertising/postings and in communications, while standing apart from other employers.  Important details that jobseekers and their families really need to understand about the employer and living in its area, as well as time, money, people resources and retention statistics, were also lost with the Recruiting Video.

The Recruitment Video 1990s-2012

At its birth/launch, the soft majestic camera flight over the hospital campus, the state of the art medical machine video and the faux staff member consulting with a patient, all paved the way for the cliché-ridden testimonials from a few physicians who lauded the area’s “great schools,” its “low cost of living,” and that it was a “wonderful place for families,” the “administration listens to my concerns” with kids playing and ducks in ponds.   With no selling or recruiting experience by the people who made it, there was hope at first that what they thought jobseekers wanted to hear would compel them.  They didn’t know the same phrases are what all their competitors say, so the video didn’t stand apart.  There was no consideration given in its production to “Why is that?” or “Give me an example.” “How?” or “What is the story of your community that makes it unique with people who make it so?”

The orthopedic surgeon candidate to the recently-graduated ICU RN realized there was no depth of content in the Recruiting Video; many of their needs were not only unfulfilled but others, like the economy and its details, as well as interests compelling to a person of higher income levels and testimonials from residents/their future neighbors with similar interests as theirs, were totally absent.

As the Recruitment Video aged, its condition worsened.  That state of the art machine? No longer.  The physician who gave the testimonial left a year ago (see retention, above).

The Recruiting Video was finally terminally diagnosed with the growth of wireless, the iPad, and jobseekers unwilling to sit on their hands through 10 minutes of fluff, who now prefer to negotiate web content, and skip over things, and go back to what interests them.  The web savvy jobseeker accepts video and testimonials but to supplement informative content.

The Recruiting Video passed quickly after being placed on YouTube®, which requires its users to give up all copyrights, after jobseekers abandoned it because of buffering and default problems due to a poor wireless connection.

In lieu of flowers or losing more candidates and money, please contact the studio at Online Job Tour® to make an investment in a bona fide, proven, US-patented recruiting tool made by experienced sales and recruiting experts, not video producers, that will save time, effort, and money while maximizing your recruiting efficiency and competitiveness with no staff training needed.

Rest in peace Recruitment Video.

Carl Brickman
Founder & Creative Director
Online Job Tour®


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