Online Job Tour® wins Recruiting Animal’s “Best Recruiting Tool” Award

Recruiting Animal Show’s 2011 Best Recruiting Tool Award: Online Job Tour®

The Recruiting Animal Show, the world’s most listened to web-radio show on the recruiting industry, recently presented Online Job Tour® with its “2011 Best Recruiting Tool” award.

Carl Brickman, Founder and Creative Director of Promo Web Innovations, exclusive distributors of the recently US patented recruiting system, which completed a seven year test market with hospitals and healthcare employers, was a featured guest on the show last year.

“I got into the recruiting business in 2001 after my father died due to a mistake made during a routine hospital procedure, and invented Online Job Tour with the focus of trying to make my clients’ careers more attractive and land the best physicians possible.  Over that time, while technology has changed and we have adapted to provide a considerable product for our clients, some things have not:  I still miss my dad. And my staff’s work is still driven by the desire to recruit the best possible professionals for our clients and their patient families.  Recognition like this from a premier recruiting professional is additionally gratifying and we really appreciate it.”

The Promo Web Innovations Studio is located in Tampa, FL
The company website is


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