The New “Partnership Age” with Hospitals and Outside Physician Recruiters; how Online Job Tour® greatly enhances it.

The “contingency” relationship between hospitals and outside recruiters is “the new climate” for physician and advanced practitioner searches. Enhancing it with Online Job Tour will pay huge dividends.

Ten years ago, hospital administrators, in-house recruiters and HR directors were hesitant to admit their use of $25-30,000 per placement third party recruiters to fill their open physician and other key openings. The growth of outside physician and medical recruiters have skyrocketed in the last decade. The “waiting period” to try to source their own candidates prior to contacting outside recruiters has been effectively lifted and calling them is now a “first step” in the hospital recruiting process.  Hospital CEOs, HR and Recruiting directors openly have numerous “connections” with recruiters on LinkedIn and other professional/social sites.  ‘Big change.

Obviously, hospitals would like to deal with physicians with no “middleman,” their associated fees, nor with their candidate leads who are “shopped” to many other employers by these outside recruiters.

But over the last 10 years the career search marketplace moved online and the physician recruitment industry effectively “beat their clients to the punch” by embracing the Internet and then search technology and these third party entities are now de facto “intercepting” the same jobseekers looking for their clients’ openings.  The shortage of candidates is obviously also a big part of the equation and employers are flummoxed regarding seeking cost-effective, alternate ways to source qualified leads.  Most physicians and advanced practitioner jobseekers out there willingly give their resumes to outside recruiters after hearing “my service is totally free to you” which is not as transparent as “my $30,000 recruiter fee is attached to your resume to every hospital I send it to.”  Even $1,000,000 Cardiologists have to deal with “give me your resume first and I will give you the details of the opportunity” from the outside recruiter.

Generally, the approach of many hospitals, by policy, is now to “alert” (a/k/a “cattle call”) a network of contingency recruiters of their new physician openings immediately, with payment not based on any defined work or servicing of any kind, but merely IF any resumes of jobseekers result in a placement.  Because physician and advanced practitioner searches are on this “contingency based” approach, there is an uneasy relationship that both hospitals and these recruiters have accepted,  it is now a “partnership” – This is “the new climate for advanced practitioner and physician search.”

  • THIS “PARTNERING” IS AN HISTORICAL CHANGE IN THE BUSINESS:  Hospitals are now openly using outside recruiters who are now basically the bulk of their sourcing and recruiting.  There is this extra “cost” by the hospital for almost every placement now (the fees can run as high as $40,000 or more).  The candidates are different: they are also being presented with other jobs by these outside recruiters who have access to even more opportunities through their own relationships (called “splits” with other outside recruiters).
  • It is therefore now harder to recruit prospective candidates today.  Closing percentages of visiting candidates have not improved – the hard costs to recruit have gone up. Physician retention numbers are worse than a decade ago.  Positions still take a long time to fill, if not longer than before – this exposes the hospital to many more challenges on top of the “opportunity loss of income” from unfilled physician jobs.
  • This historical change of using outside recruiters is certainly a “Catch -22” with hospitals being “doomed if we do or if we don’t” (use them).

So with even more burden entirely on hospitals and employers to fill their physician and other career openings, the same mentality of partnering with outside recruiters in this new digital age should promote hospitals and employers to seek ways to use the same technologies that promoted this policy change to maximize and improve upon their own recruiting competitiveness and results, most notably, by using Online Job Tour®.

Online Job Tour allows hospitals to provide today’s online jobseekers with an “interactive interview visit experience” that is far more comprehensive than the real interview trip.  Imagine initially being able to host all prospective candidates and their families for a comprehensive “(virtual) trip” – ALL get the opportunity to experience everything and revisit as often as they choose; Online Job Tour changes the rules of modern recruiting and provides compelling financial, time, effort, and competitive benefits. Here are some samples:

New Version 2.0 Design:

More samples of our older but still popular design:

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Hospitals pairing Online Job Tour with their use of outside recruiters, including sourcers, has been proved to save far more than their cost and significantly improve  recruiting outcomes – See how below.

This is what hospital administrators and recruiting personnel need to keep in mind about using recruiters and how Online Job Tour makes a huge difference when using these outside agents:

  • Calling upon recruiters is “the new form of classified advertising.” That’s how hospitals must think about it. As such, these recruiters, who are almost always working on a contingency basis, must “sell” their candidates on their clients’ jobs among many in the marketplace. Armed with an Online Job Tour, the recruiter’s attempt to “verbally pitch” the opportunity or merely try to hand prospects a few website links is revolutionized into delivering the compelling “virtual interview visit experience” that Online Job Tour provides, which both attracts and sells jobseekers.
  • Even when using Recruiters, a Hospital still must “compete:” As a result of arming your third party recruiters with Online Job Tour, a hospital separates itself from the other employers the recruiter is representing as well as others the jobseeker may be looking at by themselves or through other recruiters. While other hospitals may have recruiters representing them, they cannot provide Online Job Tour’s “interactive visit” which stands apart. Often times, candidates will also choose to visit different places based on their top preferences. By showing everything they need, Online Job Tour eliminates anxiety and makes its clients not only an attractive choice but a considerably safer one.
  • The Hospital still needs to “Sell” the Candidates. All the recruiter really gets you is the resume of the candidate. The burden of attracting, informing, and selling still rests upon the hospital and its staff. Time and again over a seven year test market, Online Job Tour literally removes the selling burden from the hospital as a proactive sales presentation that covers all the traditional things jobseekers need while putting the client’s best foot forward. Online Job Tour also allows candidates to share it with extended families and friends who cannot go on interviews – which gives the hospital the added advantage of being the only employer your candidates families can fully know – and often family makes the difference.
  • Online Job Tour Promotes a Far Better Interview: Online Job Tour allows spouses to “share” in the experience of the job consideration and candidates often arrive “pre-sold” and relaxed to their interviews and often ready to sign contracts, whereas on the real interview spouses are separated for a great deal of the trip and are anxious because there isn’t enough time to learn all there is to know.
  • Online Job Tour Virtually eliminates the Wasted Interview Visit – which is when candidates decide almost immediately after arriving they are not interested but still go through the motions and waste a great deal of time and money of the hospital. And because the candidates are already informed before their initial interview, very often the first interview is all that is needed to sell the career and get the contract signed – multiple return visits that are otherwise required to learn more, refresh memories, or a second chance to “sell” the candidate, are not as necessary.
  • Online Job Tour reduces the need to use recruiters and pay their $25-40,000 fees, which is basically because the recruiter found the candidate first on the Internet. Our own survey revealed that client use of recruiters was reduced by one in seven as a result of Online Job Tours generating better ad response and through referrals by candidates and their families. Hospitals still advertise their jobs. Online Job Tour being a “virtual interview visit” makes job postings come alive and generates better response because it eliminates the “unknown” factor which makes jobseekers hesitate. And hospitals should always ask for referrals and there is a means for candidates excited about the Online Job Tour to easily share it with colleagues and friends in their industries. It is not uncommon for our clients to make “double-hires” or get a referral from a referred candidate because of the SHARE links with allow jobseekers to forward Online Job Tour to their Facebook and LinkedIn connections.
  • Online Job Tour is preferred by Jobseekers. Most employers understand jobseekers are extremely busy managing their lives as well as their career search. If you consider the average physician jobseeker starts his career search looking at 8-10 options, they want to save a great deal of time. By telling them Online Job Tour houses literally all they need on one website and gives them a better “virtual interview trip” they graduate to it as an easier way to consider a career position. And today’s jobseekers are web-savvy and use iPads and mobile devices – and prefer web content over brochures, DVDs, and streaming videos (web users don’t want to sit through a long video but want to “click” back and forth while negotiating web content). In a recent survey physician jobseekers told us they prefer Online Job Tour by 89-100% on every question vs. traditional “manual” recruiting.
  • Online Job Tour Promotes a Faster Placement. Recruiters also cannot do anything to expedite the placement – at least from the standpoint of ensuring the candidates get all the information they need – this again falls on the hospital. By providing all the information they need by covering all traditional jobseeker topics comprehensively, Online Job Tour filled physician jobs 19% sooner. This is one month out of every five. If you believe studies in the marketplace today that promote hospitals lose as much as $100,000, filling an important physician opening a month sooner promotes an amazing value for Online Job Tour clients.
  • Better Quality Candidates are Hired Due to Online Job Tour. Think about it: the reason many hospital administrators use recruiters in the first place is due in part because their hospital jobs are not considered to be attractive. Very often, and more than they are willing to admit, hospitals have to sacrifice the initial experience and standards they want in candidates because there are few interested and many of the best and brightest, who are highly sought after, pass them over. More and more, our clients have promoted to us the Online Job Tour has improved the overall quality of their new employees – another considerable benefit of this powerful tool.
  • Better Negotiating Position. Also part of recruiting, as well as human nature, is when candidates know they are in demand, and the hospital is desperate, there is a tendency for the hospital to also have also raise their initial compensation offer as well as guarantees, in order to land their selected candidates. This happens frequently, as opposed to Online Job Tour clients who are more “exclusive” in their dealings with candidates who genuinely prefer them as their top choice – another subtle but very important example of how Online Job Tour positively impacts recruiting outcomes.
  • Retention Improvement. Does a hospital stand a better chance to make a long term placement and mitigate turnover if they hire new employees or physicians where they are that professional’s first choice? Absolutely. And are there going to be less potential problems if new employees arrive to their new home fully informed and there are no negatives learned later which promote a new employee becoming discontented and resigning only after eight months? You bet. Recruiters also have nothing to do with how well prospects are informed about their new homes while a hospital would prefer they know as much as possible, and be fully content with their decision in order to promote a permanent career position. There is nothing worse than having to start a career search over after 8 months and our clients tell us their retention percentages are greatly improved.

So the next time you have a need to fill an important career or physician opening, before calling any network of recruiters, consider the benefits of making your hospital’s recruiting as great as it can be with Online Job Tour paired with their use – which will profoundly improve upon your results and even reduce your need to use them.

For more information about Online Job Tour, visit us at

Carl Brickman
Studio Line: 813-855-5185

ROI Study on website. Online Job Tour® is patented in 2012 after a seven year test market with hospitals in 14 states. Online Job Tour is for the exclusive use of our clients. Copying it in any part or concept is expressly forbidden. See our website for details.


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