Johnston Memorial Hospital Online Job Tour® Case Study

Johnston Memorial Hospital Online Job Tour® Case Study
(an affiliate of Mountain States Health Alliance, LLC)

Online Job Tour Version 2.0 design continues our commitment to creating a new era of employer recruiting by opening a compelling new door to financial savings, recruiting quality improvement and retention, talent acquisition advantages, and ultimately an improvement of the quality of care delivered by healthcare employers.

As studies continue to show how our consumer and social culture are now integrated with online content in our everyday lives and communications, our US-patented work enables client employers to provide a “virtual interview visit experience” to the career search market that is so compelling and thorough in its efficient delivery of information jobseekers need that instead of arriving unprepared to interviews, instead, candidates and their families are already “pre-sold” and “pre-qualified” with our client as their predetermined top choice and arrive merely to authenticate their interest.  In our test market we have already experienced jobseekers offering to accept client careers without the need for a physical visit.

The Home page for our Online Job Tour® Version 2.0 release for JMH
The Home page for our Online Job Tour® Version 2.0 release for JMH

Our Online Job Tour® Version 2.0 release for Abingdon Virginia’s Johnston Memorial Hospital represents our latest attempt to push the envelope of recruiting farther into a frontier we are  forging  that enables employer clients to provide jobseekers and their extended families a far more comprehensive, and complete “virtual interview visit experience” than the real interview trip. Hospitals/employers are not stressed in the limited time window of the costly trip to attempt to inform, “sell” and close them, along with numerous logistical, time, competitive, professional training and experience limitations and challenges throughout each search to compete for the best possible talent who make the best career-lifestyle fit. Now ALL prospects are automatically pre-qualified with this better approach and bona-fide candidates arrive to interviews “pre-sold” because they have seen everything, shared it all, and have already come to conclusions regarding Online Job Tour clients vs. their other career options.

  • Online Job Tour covers subjects jobseekers traditionally need to know in “thesis-like detail” and is intended for our client employers to be an advocate for the candidate – they have no need to do any research but merely go through each section to become fully educated while we put the client’s “best foot forward” with our understanding of competitive selling and recruiting which is built into the productions, which is often not present in current physician and hospital recruiting.
  • The product replicates a mistake-free interview visit but is far more in-depth because of its limitless US-patented design. No longer do employer recruiters follow inexperienced candidates (which leads to poor results) but instead direct them through Online Job Tour’s detailed virtual experience wherein they simply cannot experience on a trip the same volume of information and experiences than in an Online Job Tour.  The product therefore promotes and more orderly and controlled and efficient interview process.

Project Features/Technical:

Eclipsing all-time records for our group on a single project:

  • 86 HD videos (85 authentically produced by our staff) totaling 6 hours, 8 minutes, 55 seconds of total video time in the JMH Online Job Tour.
  • During the choreographed onsite production visit approximately 4,900 digital photos were taken; 3,291 original photos were used in this production, including 77 topic photo galleries.
  • 79 PDF files made from hard copy brochures and pamphlets for supplemental reading (for instance, school sign-up paperwork that is often handed to candidates when they are interviewing no longer need to be collected collect at any time during their considerations).
  • 1050 “unique URLs” in this project – produced “links” by our staff for this Online Job Tour.
  • 272 total web pages – this is a bit misleading as a “web page” is not like an 8 x 11 page but can scroll for many total “pages.” For example, the web page featuring “Sports & Leisure” in the Southwest Virginia Living section equals 17 total pages of content if you were to place that web page on a Microsoft Word document.
  • Tested for compatibility on major Internet browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE8, Safari.
  • Mobile version is now included with all Version 2.0 releases and is designed for the iPhone and the latest smart phones with the latest technology that allows for the advanced streaming video player we use, which mitigates buffering and “sticking” due to a less-than-good wireless connection (immediately below).  *The mobile site is an abbreviated version with selected material picked that is oriented for brief viewing and as a “teaser” to the prospective user that encourages further examination of the content on the main site or “full site
  • Version 2.0 incorporates browser detection capability/mobile detection to automatically present the appropriate tour for mobile/desktop-laptop-tablet the latest HTML5 streaming bit video player technology that recognizes the signal strength of the device accessing the video and adjusts the video output to limit buffering (the technology interface is only on premier smart phones determined to be the models and brands (such as the iPhone) that target prospects of our clients use.


  • Provides comprehensive presentation (as well as video/photo) of virtually every topic jobseekers need to understand, better than all combinations of resources available to potential candidates – in one place and efficiently provided in the fashion of an “interview visit experience.”
  • We resist fake/stock images and virtually all content is directly from our own comprehensive and extremely detailed on-site production visit to the client and its service area. We welcome any material clients may provide but we do not rely on it nor promote clients need to expend such resources to contribute to any projects..
  • 25 community leaders, 16 hospital executives/managers, and 11 physicians are featured and interviewed – 52 in total, and more are interviewed/introduced/shared through the production; this is FAR more than candidates can expect to meet and remember – even on multiple traditional interview visits.
  • The ability for the candidate/prospect to re-visit as well as share this “experience” with family and friends is another “never-before-possible” phenomenon resulting from our compelling utility/invention.
  • The competitive benefits are enormous; the ability to revisit this detailed virtual resource vs. other hospitals that rely on the expensive and multiple trips and what candidates may remember, is profound and a benefit stated by physician jobseekers in our conducted survey.
  • The US patent provides an imposing advantage for our clients – even more in the extremely competitive medical fields with shortages in many specialties.
"To live in the hearts we leave behind in not to die."
“To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

Client:  Mountain States Health Alliance, LLC. (MSHA)  An impressive $1 Billion non-profit hospital company based in Johnson City Tennessee, the company owns 14 regional hospitals including its Trauma 1 flagship and children’s hospital on a dual campus. MSHA has a very positive regional brand that is well-established and pervasive – a compelling unity with its regional service area.  The company has a traditional recruiting platform in place with its physician recruiting and centralized web material and online job boards, and many of its locations are above par regarding their marketability – it is commendable that MSHA continues its mission by seeking increased cost, efficiency, competitiveness, and retention improvement with its investment in Online Job Tour.

Hospital for this project: Johnston Memorial Hospital, the first LEEDs-certified “green” hospital in Southwest Virginia, is a not-for-profit, 116-bed (all private rooms) modern medical facility dedicated to bringing quality health care to the residents of this region which covers Southwest Virginia and extends into our bordering states.

Named after Dr. George Ben Johnston, one of the most prominent American surgeons in the 19th century, a great, great nephew of Patrick Henry and named after George Rogers Clarke of the Lewis-Clarke Expedition, in which his grandfather took part, Dr. Johnston was born in the region, attended the Abingdon Male Academy locally and actually practiced in Abingdon early in his career as an owner of the town’s first hospital.

Service Area:  Abingdon, VA and Washington County, VA (County Seat and County): a charming rural county that borders the state of Tennessee and its adjacent county neighbor borders the northwest North Carolina border. The town’s hallmarks include its charming colonial Main Street and the Barter Theatre, along with an emerging tourism venue called Heartwood.  Abingdon is the cultural, education, and business/shopping hub of a larger area.  Abingdon has a larger sister city – Bristol, VA, which shares a common state border with the better known but equally sized Bristol, TN – the greater region is known as the Tri-Cities (also containing Johnson City, home of the hospital’s parent company Mountain States Health Alliance, and Kingsport).

General Challenges and Problems with Hospital Recruiting:

The recruiting challenges of hospitals (in this case in non-urban areas) are complex for numerous and  include lack of familiarity of the location by jobseekers outside MSHA’s region, the perception of many rural hospitals having a poorer quality of care, and include the natural limitations of traditional recruiting in the industry, from a lack of professional selling experience at hospitals when developing recruiting materials (such as often well-produced but cliché-ridden company videos) recruiting strategy, and internal recruiters who are without professional selling experience and training. The traditional WAY of recruiting, which is to host unprepared potential candidates for a limited time while they negotiate significant challenges and are burdened with the need to research, often without professional advocacy, results in phenomenal expenses and losses. Generally, these hospitals are pressed to engage expensive third party recruiting sourcing agencies (“headhunters”) in order to close positions that can remain open for more than 18 months – and those positions are often filled not with a substantial placement but with a stopgap solution/candidate.

Online Job Tour Version 2.0 is produced after a carefully choreographed 7-10 day production visit that focuses on its patented design architecture of covering topics jobseekers traditionally need to know while presenting the information in a manner that is efficient and places the client’s “best foot forward.” The work is too complex to be detailed here, but there are proven elements of selling, education, research, and the awareness of competitive issues, and the costs of time and errors and personnel limitations of the hospital and the industry approach, which the product is made to offset and improve. The ultimate goal from the initial patent application is to enable employers to provide jobseekers with this tool to holistically understand working at the client and living in their service area while providing the client with a competitive advantage while saving them time and effort vs. traditional recruiting – we are now at a point where we are approaching the ability to provide a better and more convenient “virtual interview visit” via Online Job Tour.

Product Background: After his father’s death due to a mistake made during a medical procedure in 2000, Carl Brickman had been a sales consultant and was introduced to the staffing industry through a project with Robert Half, Intl. Afterward he chose to get involved in medical staffing.  His now patented invention (July, 2012) was produced at the emergence of broadband to offset the numerous limitations and challenges he saw by hospitals. Carl foresaw a new world culture that would be dominated by the Internet and mobile technologies – today we “live online” and our lives intertwine with online content; many do not distinguish between internet content and real life experience: this is our focused competency and we are thrilled with this product release, which continues Carl’s mission “to positively impact lives by attracting better medical practitioners for our clients’ patient families and their communities.”

  • The Invention (US Patent #8,200,584):  Recognized by the US Patent and Trademark Office as the first technology system for advertising an employer’s careers via a computer network or computer readable media and efficiently providing information needed for a prospective employee to make a holistic assessment.  It is comprised of a plurality of sections, with each section being devoted to one or more specific topics. The sections are accessible from an intuitive main menu. The sections provide an orderly arrangement of details concerning the employment position, significant co-workers, schools, housing, the community, nearby universities, an interview itinerary and links to local websites of interest, as well as views of residents (e.g., “community leaders”) regarding the area. The information may be presented in text, graphics, animation, audio and/or video formats.

Our 2005-2011 test market was extensive:  After using it successfully as a physician and specialty recruiter, Promo Web Innovations, Inc. was founded after multiple client requests to keep using this invention after the placement was made to fulfill placement assignment which extended to the most difficult physician placements (the first physician placed was a GYN-Oncologist at the Boston-Baskin Cancer Group in Memphis).  Between 2005-2011 (patent application process) the invention was test-marketed and used by hospitals, physician groups and healthcare practices in 15 US states, primarily for physician and high-tier recruiting. Millions of dollars in real funds, saved, and by establishing referred business sooner, were promoted by filling positions more efficiently, reduction the need for third party recruiters, saved onsite visit trips and their expenses by significantly improved closing percentages, first-preferred candidates signed, the reduction in the need for incentivized contracts, and significantly improved retention.

Online Job Tour® Founder and Creative Director Carl Brickman, invented the product after his father died due to a mistake made during a hospital operation
Online Job Tour® Founder and Creative Director Carl Brickman, invented the product after his father died due to a mistake made during a hospital operation. His prior career success in academia, technology sales and sales consulting drives the product’s continued growth  and development.

Carl Brickman is a detail-obsessed, passionate professional. After graduate school at the University of Florida Carl earned his technology services company’s top national salesperson recognition before starting his sales training and consulting business. His career aspirations and work were changed, and are now driven by the memory of his father, who passed away tragically due to a medical error during a hospital operation. Carl’s mission today is applying technology to impact recruiting that can make the difference in the lives of others.

PATENT Warning: Online Job Tour® is protected by federal patent law (US Patent #8,200,584) from duplication in any form and under contracted license for use by this client from its owner, Promo Web Innovations, Inc.  Any attempts by employers, web makers, or any third party to create any imitation, including any simplified version, of its design or its concept is expressly forbidden and will be pursued in federal court for infringement violation.  Litigation awards for violating federal patents are penal and precedent provides for compensatory damages plus reimbursement of legal fees by the infringing party to the claimant.  The phrase “Online Job Tour” is also federally registered and any use of this phrase without consent by Promo Web Innovations, Inc. is expressly forbidden.

US Patent #8,200,584
US Patent #8,200,584

Promo Web Innovations, Inc., Tampa, FL


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