Mountain States Health Alliance signs Online Job Tour® for 14 hospital project

After receiving its US Patent (#8,200,584) in July 2012, $1.5B non-profit Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA) has hired Promo Web Innovations, Inc. to create its signature Online Job Tour® recruiting product for its 14 hospitals.

The goal is for MSHA to yield more than $3,000,000 over 36 months for its physician and staff recruiting, which includes reductions in recruiting costs as well as added revenue by promoting faster physician and employee starts.  Based on Online Job Tour’s seven year test market with hospitals in non-urban locations, the client will also significantly improve the caliber of new hires, reduce their need for large sign on bonuses and guarantees, and significantly improve retention.

Online Job Tour costs less than what hospitals spend to make one 4-5 minute “recruiting video” filled with clichés that has few details and does not answer key jobseeker questions. The expensive, real interview trip (limited for very few), which ultimately does not satisfy jobseekers’ needs to get many questions answered,  cannot cover 5% of an Online Job Tour.

  • Removing the need for hospitals and physician practices/employers to educate, familiarize and sell their advertised career opportunities up front and before any commitments are made, Online Job Tour ultimately promotes motivated candidates who arrive to their first interview ready to sign contracts.

The company’s latest production for MSHA’s flagship includes 309 web pages, 4,426 photos, and 65 HD videos totaling 4 hours and 33 minutes of video time.  More than 50 professionals including employees and physicians are profiled and featured:

The productions are extensive and incorporate the latest technologies – my February 21, 2013 blog entry provides a detailed case study on the above project.


Carl Brickman
Founder & Creative Director
Promo Web Innovations, Inc.
Tampa, Florida studio


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