Our Latest Online Job Tour® production reveals additional benefits for regional health systems

Promo Web Innovation’s latest Online Job Tour® for Mountain States Health Alliance’s (MSHA) Sycamore Shoals Hospital (SSH), a 121-bed community hospital of MSHA’s 14 affiliates based in Elizabethton, and Carter County, TN, shows our talent for supporting regional health systems by drawing the central benefits of the parent company, as well regional lifestyle resources which include the primary population center around which the region revolves, to craft a one-of-a-kind preview of a career and lifestyle for its physicians and staff candidates with this hospital client.

Prior to receiving our patent in 2012, Promo Web Innovations, Inc. spent a decade test marketing our work with suburban and rural hospitals in 15 states and we watched how all their in-house recruiters would excuse what they believed were a lack of prime lifestyle benefits but would say to candidates, “…but we live close to (whatever large city was within an hour).” Additionally, there continues to be a sophomoric approach to trying to appeal to the  multi-hundred thousand dollar earner-jobseekers by providing websites of the local chamber of commerce and “tourism” websites – Chamber websites represent their members (which don’t provide a full representation of the business or the area at all) and tourism represents vacation features – resulting in a poor representation of “what living is like” to prospective candidates for their jobs; it really didn’t help our clients at all and still doesn’t help hospitals like them.

Even if the material provided to candidates was deemed to be good quality, not in dispute is that these websites or videos/materials were being “contorted” into this use for the hospital’s recruiting – the materials used were also “provincial;” that is,  only focused on local businesses and features which does not represent the real “life” a doctor would live as he/she would often drive outside that immediate area. Often this material was out-dated.  Additionally detrimental was the in-house recruiters were not considering the competitive component – if candidates being given all this material were looking at 8 jobs, then they were “adding to a burden” of candidates and their families trying to get the information they really need to make decisions.

  • We saw this same phenomenon repeat itself for hospitals in Midwest City, Oklahoma (to Oklahoma City), Paris, KY (to Lexingon), Elko, Nevada (to Salt Lake City), Sparks, NV (to Reno), Crystal River, Florida (to Tampa), Geneva, New York (to Rochester), Selma, Alabama (to Birmingham) – the small community hospital that would repeatedly be down on their own area but try to sell themselves by claiming they were close the large population center close by.

As a result, the hospitals’ approach was to try to get any jobseeker who expressed what they hoped was a sincere interest to take the limited, expensive trip for an extended weekend – this started a linear, “do we make an offer to this doctor who just visited while we weigh the costs of another site visit and recruiters fees, (etc.)?” approach to trying to fill critical jobs. This creates industry-systemic problems which include poor turnover numbers because the practitioners were sold on contracts and jobs and not “on a life and career in the area” that they never got to learn about until after they took the jobs – this is still a real challenge among hospital recruiting in-house personnel.

The Regional System:  A Flagship in a Population Center surrounded by regional affiliates
The Regional System: A Flagship in a Population Center surrounded by regional hospital affiliates – we “draw” from the lifestyle features of all the areas, even beyond any of the hospitals’ locations, to maximize every system hospital Online Job Tour

Online Job Tour breaks through that expensive, time consuming, wasteful, “eventually fill the job” approach (which is how hospitals often fill the job – not by expert recruiting, sourcing, or selling, but by raising the pay or lowering the qualifications desired) – in the test market we found our work had a compelling and immediately positive impact because it enabled clients to give ALL prospects – and their family members a more effective, and more competitive presentation of “what working and living is like here”  for their recruiting by producing fully informed, pre-sold candidates with our clients as their top priority – with their extended families, preferring our clients.

  • Our work shared with all prospects was opposed to merely the handful of candidates who are hosted onsite by the client for a hasty expensive visit which can’t cover 5% of our Online Job Tours.
  • Our premier work is backed by the latest technology, web creation and support services, including mobile – our work is extraordinary detailed, taking almost 600 hours among six dedicated staff to craft these massive productions.

Because our work is comfortable and in a touring format designed around the needs and issues of jobseekers, it was easy to share with them where all the “shopping” and other lifestyle amenities would be regarding the large city amenities.

With that information out of the way and with candidates 100% informed, and they understand if they moved to our client area where these things would be, this allows us to focus on presenting the REAL story – what jobseekers really want to know, which is the story of the town they are considering and the hospital it serves:  Online Job Tour is an “immersion experience” through a detailed array of categories traditionally needed to be understood by jobseekers,  that includes testimonials by community leaders, local features, and set up as a compelling “virtual tour” that is not limited by the real interview visit weekend – time, weather, money, and all other challenges of the real interview trip.  The regional features become additions but not the hollow selling points of the client.

Like a "network," we design our productions for a regional client system as though they are all connected - it makes recruiting easier and better
We design our productions for a regional client system as though their service areas  are related – it makes recruiting easier and better

Carter County & Elizabethton and Sycamore Shoals Hospital is where all of our talent and years of experience clicks into place to produce an ideal representation of our work:

With an agreement in place with MSHA to produce Online Job Tour for each of its 14 hospitals, in addition to the production trip I made for SSH’s Online Job Tour, we already published an Online Job Tour production for their Level 1 Trauma Center and flagship, Johnson City Medical Center, which is in Johnson City, Tennessee, the primary city of the Tri-Cities region.  I also traveled to Abingdon, Virginia for a site visit there, a second trip to Johnson City for the company’s children’s hospital, as well as to Kingsport, TN for a project we are working on now.  We understand the entire region and how it relates to recruiting and the assets that are most marketable.

Our Online Job Tour presents an ideal life of pristine outdoors with immediate and regional lifestyle amenities vs. the area being remote - an important subtle recruiting difference
The Online Job Tour for Sycamore Shoals Hospital, below, presents life of pristine outdoors with immediate and regional lifestyle amenities vs. the area being too remote; now the lake is a “plus” – an important subtle recruiting difference (click on to enlarge image)

Carter County, which rests on the Western North Carolina border and has in it some of the best of the Appalachian Mountains and pristine streams and a TVA lake, was recognized by us early as the “nature gem” community in the company’s region.  In anticipation of the production I had visited a state park there and used it in our Johnson City Medical Center Online Job Tour production.

Because Online Job Tour is designed to “show jobseekers what their lives will be like,” we were able to draw from my previous visits to the region for the other Online Job Tour productions as well, and pick and choose the best regional shopping, we picked from the Abingdon visit the Barther Theater and Bristol’s State Street Shopping. From the Johnson City production (Johnson City is just 9 miles from the SSH campus) we took content from ETSU – the regional university, the major regional mall, restaurants, and even two private schools that would be a short drive for future employees of SSH. And even though we have not produced it yet, we are taking video from a fly fishing guide from my Kingsport trip and backing that video into this piece for the Elizabethton client, primarily because the guide picked Elizabethton for the best fly fishing.

So as you can see from the previous paragraph, our previous visits to other hospitals and the productions for them- we could “draw” from and “pick and choose” which features from them we thought would work for this latest client – that is actually closer to Abingdon than Johnson City. What’s more, we featured Banner Elk and Sugar Mountain, NC in our Johnson City Medical Center Online Job Tour – Sycamore Shoals hospital is much closer, so again, we feature these places – not even in the same state, but that are within 30 miles of Carter County – because these places are where doctors and others go to and enjoy on weekends – although they would be absent from Chamber of Commerce websites.

  • With all of that “peripheral” lifestyle information to enhance our presentation of Carter County, we have made it so it no longer appears to be too rural or remote.  In fact, the opposite is revealed – that Carter County is an “outdoors paradise” within an easy and better drive to regional features than even Johnson City – suddenly, this is a better place for candidates who want to live with waterfalls and bike and hiking trails and Watauga Lake in their backyards.
  • Elizabethton and Carter County are transformed by our work as “the place to be” instead of the place that is a struggle for in-house recruiters to get candidates there because they look it up on a map and perceive it to be remote, and the Chamber website isn’t substantial or appealing.
  • Each community and hospital needs its own identity – drafting the attractive regional lifestyle components that new employees will like and use allows us to rack all of them and focus on presenting “how you will live” in Carter County and making it as appealing as possible.
A compelling feature of this client's location is its history - jobseekers can appreciate it because they are reassured of the "necessities" they need which have been covered by our incorporating regional features from previous production trips for the parent company in the region
A compelling feature of this client’s location is its history – jobseekers can appreciate it far better because they are relaxed due to being reassured the  “necessities” they feel they need which have been covered by our additionally incorporating regional features from previous production trips for other hospitals of our regional system client in the region – as opposed to not including them  (click on to enlarge image)

Moreover, we have the luxury with the regional features already known and how we are going to represent them and their accessibility – even across counties and states, to focus on the incredible people and personalities, and backyard features of Carter County, from their nature to history.

The Barter Theater isn't in this hospital's service area, or even its state - but is just 35 miles from campus and locals go here for fabulous theater.  It is included as a regional benefit because jobseekers are future employees and doctors who will go here
The Barter Theater isn’t in this hospital’s service area, or even its state – but is just 35 miles from campus and locals go here for fabulous theater. It is included as a regional benefit because jobseekers are future employees and doctors who will go here often (click on to enlarge image)

“Cross-pollinating” selected features of a region make complete sense because it better represents “the kind of life and work” the jobseekers will have as employees of our clients’ hospitals and this is a “must” theme we are executing when prudent in our productions – for example, of the 102 videos in the Sycamore Shoals Online Job Tour, 38 are from other MSHA productions – but they ideally fit into our approach, which understands physicians and medical practitioners are people of means who drive across county and state lines for all of their needs – and this is greatly illustrated in this compelling piece with 4,000 photos, and we feature more than 50 employees, physicians, and community members.

Sycamore Shoals Hospital Online Job Tour www.mshajobtour.com/sycamore
Sycamore Shoals Hospital Online Job Tour www.mshajobtour.com/sycamore

Our substantial work now regularly surpasses 225 pages of web content and 5 hours of video – they are “web films” or “productions” that are “immersion experiences” to these clients and their communities.  From the start, driving our development of the material we produce is my unwavering passion to honor my father, who passed away due to a mistake made during a medical procedure in 2000. Our group is truly committed to extreme detail and craftsmanship that would reflect how they would want to recruit a medical jobseeker to care for their own family in our work, which encapsulates our mission.  Thank you for looking at our groundbreaking work.

Online Job Tour® Founder and Creative Director Carl Brickman, invented the product after his father died due to a mistake made during a hospital operation
Online Job Tour® Founder and Creative Director Carl Brickman

For more information about our work or to discuss a no-obligation trial of Online Job Tour, call me anytime at our studio 813-855-5185 or email me at carlbrickman@yahoo.com


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