Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA), a regional 13-hospital, $1.1 billion non-profit system based in Eastern Tennessee, has established the hospital industry’s first 100% digital career search, which enables physician, hospital executive and staff job seekers to find an advertised job opening, and then the Online Job Tour production for the corresponding Mountain States Health affiliate hospital provides a “digital interview trip experience” that simulates the real visit, but contains 20x more information. Prospects are then directed back to the job listing to apply.

The traditional hospital recruiting approach takes very few selected candidates offline – they are hosted, one-after-another, for the expensive, logistically challenging and limited real interview trip, which additionally requires significant people resources, where spouses are separated for much of the trip, it loses months of time (often multiple trips are needed) and leaves out immediate and extended families.  Now, with Online Job Tour plugged into MSHA’s in-house recruiting process, all prospects, with their families, are automatically fully educated and pre-sold with each Online Job Tour maximizing the delivery of information while putting the client’s best foot forward.

For the first time, physician and hospital job seekers complete their entire career search and application process, while 100% online.

123This landing page was created for advertising purposes, and to replace the company’s traditional career page site, which introduces the Online Job Tours while incorporating proven proactive selling axioms used in popular Internet marketing strategies, and introduces MSHA’s “new and better process” that is attracting more prospects.  The company’s local and national advertising promotes this page. Third party sourcing groups and recruiting firms can also be directed to use this page, or any individual hospital Online Job Tour.

  • MSHA is experiencing extremely positive feedback (“best recruiting approach I have seen”) from prospects, and the company’s time-to-fill their career openings is in the top 1% in the industry, maximizing recruiting efficiency.
  • New clients experience significant improvement in virtually all recruiting results, from increased response from ads, to closing percentages of selected candidates, improved quality (experience and education levels) of hires, positions are filled in as much as 50% less time, less wasted interview trips, less use of expensive sourcing and need for financial incentives, to significantly improved physician and staff retention.
  • Online Job Tour productions were test-marketed in hospitals in 15 states over a seven year period, intensively studied, and clients and job seekers were surveyed, before being awarded a U.S. patent in 2012.
  • Online Job Tours are true “immersion experiences” into the hospital and its area, exceeding 350 web pages-which would print to 10,000 pages, 100 videos (as many as 5 hours of video time), 15,000 original photos, including galleries, providing a complete “holistic understanding” of work and living, after covering key subjects job seekers traditionally need to know.
  • The production series was delivered on the time schedule promised to the client, and 33% under budget.

Employment branding and recruitment marketing supports the landing page with content from our production visits from throughout the region:


Our company’s production studio is capable of making feature films, and employs a talented team of former tech sales and medical recruiting professionals, professional writers and photographers, along with the country’s most talented content and video creators in studio.

Each Online Job Tour is created following a choreographed on-site production trip that incorporates more than a decade of experience in evaluating, and then gathering the needed people, content, and information needed for these immense productions.  Agreements with clients support and maintain each Online Job Tour, so unlike any other recruiting materials of the past, they always remain updated and “new” year after year, increasing the yield from the client company R.O.I.

Our 80-page MSHA Case Study reviews the production series and the individual productions.

For documented benefits also experienced by  clients in our extensive test-market, including personal references, along with a review of our TRIAL OFFER, please visit our website

Carl Brickman
Founder, Creative Director
Promo Web Innovations, Inc.
Tampa Studio


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