The traditional approach hospitals take to try to educate and “sell” their physician careers, is to cajole prospects to take their interview trip. Merritt-Hawkins and the Advisory Board Co. have published studies that show physician billing revenue – with many specialists worth $200,000 PER MONTH to a hospital, so is the traditional interview the best approach?

The interview trip is a losing proposition in this digital age, and it bleeds money, and loses talent.  The hard cost, multiple logistical challenges that jeopardize success, wasted time, the “linear approach” (hosting one-prospect-at-a-time) of recruiting, multiple company team members participating and not working, plus the lost placement time (Merritt-Hawkins study) can translate to $500,000 lost, every six months for EACH open specialist physician career.  Hospitals are additionally victims of too many factors they can’t control; furthermore, a hasty, anxious 3-day candidate fact-finding mission by people who know little to nothing about the hospital and its area, doesn’t promote a good forum to close a favorable deal for the hospital, or a long-term placement.

Online Job Tour productions REPLACE the need for the interview trip, to better inform all prospects (not just those offered the limited trip) and better position the hospital for success and efficiency, and they make the real interview a relaxed “validation process” among fully educated, pre-sold, and motivated candidates that prefer our clients.

The Online Job Tour production series for the Mountain States Health hospitals, invite all prospects to use them as “the first step” to considering their careers, bringing an efficient, complete education to jobseekers, and better positioning the client to compete for top talent, and fill their openings

For example, client Mountain States Health, offers a landmark, 100% digital career search process from start-to-finish, that “moves” jobseekers along, promoting decisions, action, and efficiency – by providing the interview trip digitally.

  • The traditional interview trip that is used to try to educate and sell prospects has been eliminated by MSHA, in favor of Online Job Tours produced for each hospital.
  • Worth noting is the company implements this process for ALL their career openings, not just physician recruiting, adding immense value.

Want to dominate your competitors, land better talent, reduce waste, fill career opportunities 30-50% faster, create a new revenue source worth millions and improve your retention? Then stop using your interview trip as a wasteful, inappropriate “sales tool,”in favor of the modern, complete digital approach, with Online Job Tour.

Review our seven year test market results, U.S. patent, and then see the TRIAL OFFER, with which your organization can experience Online Job Tour and improved results for yourself, with no long-term commitment: Click for our Website!

Carl Brickman
Founder & Creative Director
Promo Web Innovations Studio – Tampa


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